Take Your Home From Stale To Sale

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

It’s no secret that buyers are willing to pay more for move in ready homes.

Don’t panic! Did you know that minor improvements will drastically increase your ROI?

We want to help you get the most out of your home.

Here are a few easy and inexpensive, but important ways you can give your home a serious face lift! Fresh & Clean

1. Deep Clean, Declutter & Depersonalize 2. Interior & Exterior Painting (Neutral Colors) 3. Power Wash Home Exterior & Walkways 4. Update Appliances (Stainless Steel) 5. Improve Landscaping (Plants, Flowers & Shrubs) 6. Bright & Natural Lighting 7. Remove Odors (Pet, Smoke, Etc.)

Proactive Protection

1. Update Homeowner’s Insurance

(This will protect you in the event of injuries on premise.)

2. Mandatory Disclosures

(Existing known problems must be disclosed to buyers.)

3. Pre-Inspection

(This saves you time and uncovers potential issues prior to showing.)

4. Test Smoke & Carbon Dioxide Alarms

(All alarms are functional and correctly placed.) The Price Is Right 1. What are comparable properties for sale in your area? 2. How long are these houses on the market? 3. Which properties recently sold in your area and for how much?

How can we help? Give us a call today for a free consultation! Warm Wishes, Kate & Ed


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