Luxury Guide: What to Do In Rhode Island In Summer

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Rhode Island summers are legendary, and it’s easy to see why. Incredible weather, rich history, and cultural happenings take place across our iconic coastlines and picturesque towns each year.

Still, the question arises: “What to do in Rhode Island in summer?” After all, how much could really be happening in America’s smallest state?

Thankfully, our Rhode Island roots run deep, which makes answering this question effortless. Whether you’re here on a romantic getaway or a family trip, let us inspire you on what to do in Rhode Island in summer!

Nautical explorations you are ‘shore’ to love

We’re called the Ocean State for a reason, so let’s dive in.

Rhode Island boasts about 400 miles of coastline, offering visitors & residents unique access to the Atlantic Ocean and scenic Narragansett Bay.

Anything marine-themed has summer written all over it, as far as any Rhode Islander is concerned. Here are some fun ways you can ride the wave this summer:

Sailing lessons, charters, & tours

Rhode Island and sailing go hand-in-jib, as it were. Are you ready to unleash your inner Skipper? Click the links below to explore these fun options more in-depth.

If you’re not ready to get your sea legs, there are plenty of ways to take in the salt air. Check out some of these timeless places:

There’s no shortage of opportunities to keep you close to the shore this summer. We’d love to hear where you’re spending your time!

Link up with world-class golfing & tennis

For those of you who like to keep it moving, there are plenty of chances to stay active. Indeed, if you’re a golfing and tennis enthusiast, you’ll hardly ever be at a loss for what to do in Rhode Island in summer.

For those looking to hit the links, we recommend exploring the following options:

These are just four notable options for golfing in Rhode Island. We’d love to hear about your personal favorite.

Now, let’s move on to tennis lovers. There’s more than enough to satisfy your need to serve up a great match. No matter where you are in the state, you’re certain to find a court to play on.

But what most people want is the Hall of Fame. Yes, here it is:

  • The International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, RI. Unleash your inner sports fan with this incredible museum & hall of fame located in the center of legendary Newport. Outdoor & indoor tennis are available. This is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon, while only steps from all that Newport has to offer.

There’s plenty of options for staying active during your visit to Rhode Island. What have we left out?

Nourish your soul with arts & culture

Deciding what to do in summer in Rhode Island should include a range of our diverse, dynamic, and brilliant cultural scenes. (Rhode Island’s capital city isn’t nicknamed “The Creative Capital” for nothing!) From coastal communities to urban spotlights, you’ll never run out of creative inspiration in Rhode Island.

Let’s begin with a sample of great RI museums.

Like many places, we’re eagerly awaiting the return of our renowned theater scene, once public health concerns are no longer present. Once they reopen, these cherished performance spaces will once more be packed with art-hungry audiences.

In the meantime, keep Rhode Island on your radar for incredible live theater in the upcoming year:

Jazz and folk festivals, art shows, and even underground scenes, there’s plenty to love about taking in the scene here in the Ocean State. The best part is that many of these cultural events happen year-round, so be sure to check back!

Now that we’ve fed our souls with creativity let’s reflect on Rhode Island’s historical significance.

The past is waiting to be rediscovered

As one of America’s 13 Original Colonies, Rhode Island occupies a uniquely informative placement within our nation’s history.

Our modern state is nonetheless packed with the past! The list of historic places in Rhode Island is too extensive to list here. Remember that history is (sometimes literally) on every corner in the Ocean State!

Here are just a few of the ways you can explore the past & what it means for us today:

  • Benefit Street & the surrounding East Side of Providence, RI. Considered the most haunted street in America, Benefit Street is your first stop on historic College Hill. Home to RISD and Brown University, there are plenty of cobblestone streets to meander down, before arriving at a fun café, bar, or Ghost Tour. Be sure to explore Prospect Park for stunning views of Downtown Providence.

  • Explore the Cliff Walk & Newport Mansions. Beautiful cliffs & stunning mansions. What’s not to love, right? This is one big reason why present-day people choose to come to Newport.

  • Shop in America’s oldest indoor shopping mall in Providence, RI. Known as “The Arcade,” this preserved building is now home to shops, restaurants, & even micro-apartments on the upper levels. All of this cool history is right in the middle of a thriving downtown scene.

BONUS FUN FACT: Rhode Island is the only state in the nation to have been co-founded by a woman. Her name was Anne Hutchinson, and she played a crucial role in the development of Rhode Island, after her banishment from present-day Massachusetts.

Ready to join us in Rhody?

When people ask us what to do in Rhode Island in summer, we always reply with a wink and a question of “how much time do you have?”

There’s so much to this wonderful place that to squeeze it into one blog simply wouldn’t do. The only thing left is to experience a Rhode Island summer for yourself!

We’re Rhode Island natives with ties to the East Bay area. We love the water and all that it unlocks for us year-round. We love curating experiences for eager travelers. If you need any suggestions, please contact us, and we’ll show you a side of Rhode Island that is simply magical.

Do you have property goals in mind? We’re ready to help you find your next vacation home, income property, or even your latest encore with our luxury full-service real estate firm. We know Rhode Island luxury like no one else.

So, still looking for what to do in Rhode Island in summer? Two words—contact us.

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