How to Sell a Luxury Home Like an Expert

You’ve spent years, perhaps even generations, meticulously caring for your treasured luxury property. Now, you’re ready to sell your home to downsize or to follow a new passion.

Whatever your reason for selling, you know that your property is special and requires expert attention and thoughtful representation.

If you’ve ever wondered just how to sell a luxury home, you’re in the right place. Continue reading to gain insights into how to get the most out of listing your luxury property.

Get a pre-sale home inspection

In real estate, much like in life, first impressions matter. Addressing any issues your home presents to buyers is paramount to how it’s received on the market.

A pre-sale home inspection allows sellers to identify and fix any major issues with their home before it goes up for sale. Here are some advantages of using a pre-sale home inspection:

· Present a turnkey home to buyers. When buyers are purchasing at luxury price points for a timeless home, they expect it to be stress-free. A pre-sale inspection is ideal for tidying up any necessary repairs, so buyers may focus on falling in love with your home.

· Ensures a smoother closing. If you address any major issues before you present your home to the market, there’s less of a chance that you and the buyer will go back-and-forth during closing negotiations.

· New England luxury homes need more TLC. New England’s rugged coastlines are dotted with spectacular properties, many of them generations old. Combine the sheer history of these homes with their exposure to sea and salt, and these properties quickly become perfect candidates for a pre-sale inspection.

Speak with luxury real estate professionals like Keys to Ease Concierge to discuss how a pre-sale home inspection can favorably position your home on the luxury market.

Stage for simplicity, not yourself

Many buyers selling a cherished luxury home are sentimentally attached to their property. They'd like to leave their family photographs and other personalized items around their home for buyers to see. This is far from ideal.

Buyers are purchasing a home and its location, not your memories. If your goal is to market your home and receive top dollar smartly, buyers will need to see themselves in your home.

The best way to do this is to stage your home neutrally. Here’s how you can begin:

· Remove all personal items & artifacts. This includes photographs of your family, degrees earned, awards, and other items bearing your name.

· Choose classic over trendy. This applies to furniture, paint colors, and exterior details. In the luxury market, buyers seek properties able to stand the test of time.

· Bring out the best in each room. Does your formal dining room have lots of natural light? Stage it so that it can live up to its grandeur. Do you have a sumptuous study or expansive primary suite? Stage it in a way that buyers will imagine themselves waking up there.

· Empty closets, if possible. If you’re no longer living in the property, empty closets, drawers, and other storage around your home. Buyers deserve a blank slate when buying their next home.

Again, buyers must see themselves in this property. Neutral home staging will achieve this. You may wish to hire an expert home stager, or Real Estate Professionals like Keys to Ease Concierge, who offer this service. We are full-service Realtors with knowledge in design.

Picture it perfectly

Whereas home staging invites buyers to consider your home in-person, your listing’s digital presence is vital to inspire them to engage in a personal tour.

A listing should always be photographed and filmed with the highest quality results in mind. Professional photography will showcase the home's potential.

Trained photographers and filmmakers know which design elements and vantages should be highlighted to connect with viewers. They will work alongside your Realtor to find what is objectively unique about your home and visually communicate to interested buyers and brokers.

For those comfortable with showing the public all their homes have to offer, we recommend 3D virtual tours so buyers and professionals can explore your home with ease.

Your Real Estate Professionals, like Keys to Ease Concierge, will help you set up these virtual resources.

BONUS: Escape the cliché

Don’t assume that mainstream notions of luxury will attract buyers. High-end property investors value substance above style. Your home’s value is found in its stature, location, and bones, not in over-the-top assumptions about luxury. For example, if your home has an ocean view, speak about the history of the cliff on which it sits.

Partner with a full-service Realtor®

A full-service Realtor® is a professional who knows every step of the transaction. From pre-sale home inspections to renovations, and property marketing to price negotiations, a full-service Realtor® with expertise in luxury sales can steward you through a successful listing.

We have meaningful ties to New England’s coastal luxury market. We bring decades of experience with luxury design, renovations, negotiations, property acquisition, and so much more.

Your luxury property home deserves to be represented by those who take the time to care about your unique home.

If you’ve wondered about how to sell a luxury home, but need guidance, get in touch to experience full-service representation. We offer free valuations.

Click here to begin the journey to a successful home sale.


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